Skydiving in Switzerland

Typically I would not consider myself a dare devil. Many of the carnival rides at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are “scary” enough to drive me away. However, the desire to go sky diving has been a constant adventure I wish to endure. And what better way to check this activity off my bucket than to experience this endeavor over the beautiful mountains and scenery of Interlaken, Switzerland.


Who wouldn’t want to view this beauty from above?                       photo credit: Smash Materials

Since I added skydiving to my bucket list, I must admit I’d rather view this gorgeous landscape from above than a field off the side of the high way. Hope you’re with me! 





Many different companies provide the experience to sky dive in Switzerland. I am sure there are many awesome companies, but I would most likely choose Sky Dive Interlaken. I know people who have gone through this company and have had a unbelievable experience. They are reliable and specialized in what they do. On their website, the company describes the experience as “Skydive between snowy mountains and blue lakes. Get the ultimate feeling of adrenaline while falling from perfectly sound helicopter.”

Below is the contact information of this company if you wish to add this adventure to your “Bucket List” as well. You can explore this website and see the costs, the different possibilities of adventures, about the instructors and much more. 

Sky Dive Interlaken

Tel. + 41 33 222 5848
Mobile: + 41 79 432 6393

“I’m flying!!!!!!”



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