Run a 1/2 Marathon

Running has never been my forte. Growing up, I would never run recreationally, or for any purpose for that matter. It wasn’t until recent years that I have started to take running as a major form of my exercise, keep in mind that my version of running consists of a light jog for 3 miles. That is why the challenge of running a half marathon sounds appealing. It is not as strenuous or unbearable as a 26 mile long full marathon, but rather it is more reasonable with still a sense of challenge. Knowing that I ran 13.1 miles, even just once in my life, is enough to feel accomplished. 


Photo credit: David Damron

The top 5 cities I would like to do a marathon in are:

1. New York City

2. Austin

3. Boston

4. San Francisco

5. Chicago


50 days, 50 new flavors of Blue Bell

Sweets are my weakness when it comes to food. I could never have another french fry in my life, but when it comes to sweets, I could not last a day without one. Due to my constantly present sweet tooth, I decided to begin a challenge. Instead of conforming to the common worldly approach to this obsession, such as dieting, I decided to begin a different kind of challenge. This challenge entails each day, for 50 days, trying a new Bluebell ice cream flavor. 


Who wouldn’t want to try all these delicious flavors?? photo credit: Texas HEB

Below is a list of the 50 Bluebell ice cream flavors shown on their website. If you click on the name of the flavor, you can access the website and read about the flavor. 

Rotational flavors:

Banana Split
Buttered Pecan
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cookies ‘n Cream
Cotton Candy (pint only)
Dutch Chocolate
French Vanilla
Homemade Vanilla
Krazy Kookie Dough (pint only)
Milk Chocolate
Mint Chocolate Chip
Moo-llennium Crunch
Natural Vanilla Bean
Pecan Pralines ‘n Cream
Rocky Mountain Road
Rocky Road
Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla
The Great Divide®
Ultimate Neapolitan

Year Round Flavors:

Banana Pudding 
Birthday Cake 
Black Walnut 
Blueberry Cheesecake 
Butter Crunch 
Caramel Turtle Cheesecake 
Century Sundae 
Cherry Vanilla 
Chocolate Chip 
Chocolate Covered Cherries 
Christmas Cookies 
Coconut Fudge 
Dessert Trio 
Gingerbread House 
Happy Tracks 
Homemade in the Shade 
Key Lime Pie 
Lemon Bliss 
Mint Cookies ‘n Cream 
Mocha Almond Fudge 
Peaches & Homemade Vanilla 
Pistachio Almond 
Red Velvet Cake 
Southern Blackberry Cobbler 
Southern Hospitality 
Spiced Pumpkin Pecan 
Strawberry Cheesecake 
Triple Chocolate

To educate my taste buds on the variety of creamy, savoring Blue Bell ice creams, I’ve decided to partake in this challenge. My love for this brand of ice cream through out my life and the confidence Blue Bell has on their product, made this brand the proper one to try. On their website Blue Bell says, “As you’d expect, we use the finest milk, cream, sugar and other
ingredients money can buy. Then, we mix in our secret homemade recipe.” 

Who would want to miss out on the variety of heavenly flavors Blue Bell offers? Not I. That is why trying all 50 flavors of Blue Bell has made my bucket list. 


Skydiving in Switzerland

Typically I would not consider myself a dare devil. Many of the carnival rides at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo are “scary” enough to drive me away. However, the desire to go sky diving has been a constant adventure I wish to endure. And what better way to check this activity off my bucket than to experience this endeavor over the beautiful mountains and scenery of Interlaken, Switzerland.


Who wouldn’t want to view this beauty from above?                       photo credit: Smash Materials

Since I added skydiving to my bucket list, I must admit I’d rather view this gorgeous landscape from above than a field off the side of the high way. Hope you’re with me! 





Many different companies provide the experience to sky dive in Switzerland. I am sure there are many awesome companies, but I would most likely choose Sky Dive Interlaken. I know people who have gone through this company and have had a unbelievable experience. They are reliable and specialized in what they do. On their website, the company describes the experience as “Skydive between snowy mountains and blue lakes. Get the ultimate feeling of adrenaline while falling from perfectly sound helicopter.”

Below is the contact information of this company if you wish to add this adventure to your “Bucket List” as well. You can explore this website and see the costs, the different possibilities of adventures, about the instructors and much more. 

Sky Dive Interlaken

Tel. + 41 33 222 5848
Mobile: + 41 79 432 6393

“I’m flying!!!!!!”


a road trip with no destination

a road trip with no destination

photo credit:

Bags are packed, the car is loaded, and my best friend is sitting in the passenger seat. Due to my lack of any direction sense and my innate ability to get lost, I never leave any location without knowing the exact route to my ending point. In fact, most times in life I do not begin something, unless I know exactly where I will end up. That is why the idea of a long road trip with no concrete instructions to follow falls on my bucket list. Rarely in life do we have such a freeing and unrestricted opportunity as this. And the fact that I would be spending this time with my best friend is exciting.

There are many parts of the drive that I look forward to. To begin, I am excited about admiring and enjoying the scenery around me. Whether it’s the countryside, beaches or beautiful mountains (who knows where we will end up!), I can’t wait to be surrounded by God’s creation. Also, I am excited to sing along to my favorite music with my best friend. The CD we would make would definitely include some Dixie Chicks. I mean, it’s a must when you’re out in the “wide open spaces”. And lastly, I can’t wait for the quality time I would get to spend with my friend. Laughing and talking with a great friend is definitely one of my favorite past times.

No matter where the roads will take me, for once I am excited to just get lost!